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Are you ready for something new?

We seek to encourage new projects, so from this edition of the MICMXIFF we recommend participants to accept the following challenge:


The Fast Delivery challenge consists of making a minute movie with a specific theme, in this case the theme is extraterrestrial life. There is no specific genre, you can make your movie as complex as you want.

Projects made with alternative media are welcome.


The best project will be the winner of a special mention at the Festival, will be highlighted on our website and may be screened in one of our rooms or designated spaces.

That's not all, the winning project will receive $100 USD.

You will be creditors to the XOLOTL FAST statuette.


- The project must have a maximum duration of 180 seconds (Not including credits).

- Have been filmed during 2021-2022.

- It should not be presented at other festivals.

- We must respect the chosen theme.

- could be sent during the same period of the general call.

- Cover the $1 USD registration fee.

What do we rate?

- Originality

- story creativity

- Project execution

- Acting

- Photography


- Art

Cheer up to be part of this great challenge!

In the following link you will find the call and bases:

Follow our website and social networks for more information.


Mexico City, Mexico

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