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The cinematographic expression in the MICMXIFF 2023.

This festival, as I have pointed out on different occasions, arises as a film show that had the purpose of disseminating the work of artists from the guild.

The very dynamics of the show generated that certain spaces of opportunity were opened, this and the sum of wills, allowed what began as a show to point more and more to becoming a true festival.

Part of the great challenges of artists, not only during the pandemic, but also in everyday life, is to make their work known, to generate trust not only in the viewer who is the final recipient of the works, but also in those people who make it possible to materialize work, like the investors.

The purpose of the festival is precisely to generate spaces in which directors, producers, actresses, actors, photographers, sound engineers, as well as all those who make it possible for cinema to exist, generate a community.

Cinema, as an expression, aims to challenge the viewer to see beyond what their imagination can conceive, invites them to be moved, to travel through time and space, to question realities, to get uncomfortable, to reflect, to see through a screen lives that, although they are not his, connect perfectly with the sensitive fibers of his being.

In a world in which technology is accessible to practically anyone, in which there is more diffusion than ever, unfortunately we continue to see the same people in the middle, the familiar faces of the big screen, the great filmmakers and the award-winning actors . Thanks to spaces such as exhibitions and film festivals, we have the opportunity to meet and listen to other voices, to be moved by new faces, to be moved by new narratives, we have the opportunity to strengthen the guild and art itself.

This year the festival will not only generate exhibition spaces for films that, by the way, are very worthwhile, but we will also have activities that generate community, that invite new people to join the world of cinema, that educate, and why No? Discussion spaces.

The festival, as you know, seeks to perpetrate art, whether through stories of a trans person, a person deprived of liberty, a forbidden romance, suspense stories and even extraterrestrial life. And to do it, you have to recognize all the work that is not seen through the screen, you must recognize the work of a screenwriter who imagined a story worth telling.

We must recognize the production team that went to great lengths to make that story look the way its director conceptualized it.

The challenge of a management that works, in most cases, with little time, little budget and a lot of will must be made visible.

Recognize those who make the sound really surround the viewer, who with a play of light make the scenes come to life.

The festival seeks to integrate and recognize all those people who behind the screen make it possible for the works to happen, as well as those who bring that work of art to life through the screen.

We have a commitment to art and to those who have made this festival possible, to our and our allies, to the people who voluntarily join the efforts to carry out this great challenge.

We have a commitment to cinema.

Renton Mendez

Director / Founder

We want to invite you to sign up for the #MICMXIFF4 call, which will take place from February 17 - 25, 2023.

In this 4th edition we will have:

- Sponsor prizes (team, income, kind, cash)


- Parties

- Face-to-face projections

- Master classes

- Digital Laboratory

- etc.

Attached you will find the call and bases, you can also register at the following link:

Follow our website and social networks for more information.


Mexico City, Mexico

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