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MICMX promotes the formation of a jury with experience in the industry and active.

“An exhibition that became a festival; a festival that is projected for the cinema "

The MICMX International Film Festival will take place in two stages: from November 26 to December 11 and from January 17 to 31 in a hybrid format that will have physical venues in Mexico City.

For this third edition, the festival will have Colombia as a guest country, a nation that will be honored with the screening of films such as: "El día de la cabra" (2017) by Samir Oliveros, "Keyla" (2017) by Viviana Gómez Echeverry, “The defense of the dragon” (2017) by Natalia Santa, “Lila's book” (2017) by Marcela Rincón, Mama and Mateo (2014) by María Gamboa Jaramillo, “El Piedra” (2018) by Rafael Martínez Moreno, “ Los ajenos futbol club ”(2019) by Juan Camilo Pinzón,“ Jinetes del Paraíso ”(2020) by Talía Osorio Cardona,“ Jericó ”(2016) by Catalina Mesa as well as the documentary series“ Colombia Bio ”, with the films“ Chiribiquete ”(2017) by Carlos Arturo Ramírez and“ Tacarcuna ”(2017) by Patricia Ayala Ruiz.

The # MICMX3 programming will feature 51 titles and 16 countries in competition: Mexico, Argentina, Iran, Chile, Germany, Colombia, Brazil, United States, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Syria, Italy, Austria, Australia, Taiwan, which can be enjoyed Through the MICMXIFF STREAMING, TUVVO, FILMIN LATINO and RETINA LATINA platforms, in addition to having face-to-face performances at the official venues: Vasconcelos Library, El Rule, Villa Olímpica Cinema, Amerike University Institute, Cine Tonalá and Faculty of Cinema.

All dates and times can be consulted through the festival website:

At the same time, there will be the following categories in competition: International Fiction Short Film, International Fiction Short Film, Mx Fiction Short Film, Animation Short Film, Stop Motion Animation Short Film, Documentary Short Film, LGBTTTQ + Short, Academy Mx Short.

The jury is made up of directors Javier Izquierdo, Mariana Viñoles, Hill Diaz, Aline Romero and Marco Antonio Rodríguez; Producer Rodrigo Martínez join; besides the actor Alberto Trujillo and the actress Dana Karvelas. Likewise, Lucero Hinojosa, a specialist in human rights, will cast his vote.

As part of the activities, there will also be a residency, workshops and talks, among which are: “Self-production or How to build an independent film from scratch” with Hill Díaz, filmmaker and film teacher, winner of the Jury Prize at festivals of San Luis Potosí in 2017, and of Los Ángeles CineFest in 2016, in addition to having obtained the Audience Award at the San Luis Arizona Film Festival the same year.

With the intention of creating spaces for dialogue and training is that, through the MICMX ACADEMY, the CINEMA AND GENDER workshops will be taught with Montserrat Algarabel, in agreement with Amerike, EFICINE - FOLDERS OF STIMULATION with Yuria Goded Garzón, Eficine coordinator, and DIRECTION OF ACTORS with actor Alberto Trujillo.

The MICMXIFF is committed to the exhibition and support of the development of diverse types of independent cinematographic proposals because we are sure that every story is worth seeing!

Be part of the third edition of a show that became a festival; a festival that is projected for the cinema.

Para más información visita

Facebook: Muestra Itinerante de Cine MX

IG: @micmx.itinerante

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